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June 13th, 2017   Category: Storage Tips -

Face it, there are better things to spend your money on then storage, right? Vacation, new clothes, that new phone that is coming out… However, we must find a place for our stuff we don’t use all the time or need to store up temporarily.

Taking advantage of convenient and secure self-storage space doesn’t have to empty out your wallet. Getting the wrong storage unit can cause you to spend more money than necessary. Self-storage is actually quite affordable if done correctly. It can give you a handy place to keep those items that aren’t used on a daily basis.

Let’s look at how to keep Self-Storage affordable.

Choosing a self-storage unit

Choosing the right self-storage unit for your needs makes your money go farther. Things to consider before choosing the proper unit include:

  • What type of items are you storing?
  • Do you need an enclosed unit or just a covered storage space?
  • Will you need regular access? Facilities farther away from town will often have better rates.
  • Don’t forget that storage space goes all the way up to the ceiling. Careful stacking and use of shelving units can provide a lot more area for your money. Setting long items like couches on end frees up floor space.

Do I need climate control?

Climate control isn’t the first thing you think of when choosing storage. But you need to keep in mind that many of the items you are storing are used to being in a building with steady temperatures. Consider the needs of your items when deciding if you need climate controlled units.

Valuable artwork, irreplaceable heirlooms, and extremely fragile items have special storage requirements. Everyday things such as yard furniture, lawn equipment, or outside decorations may not.

A climate controlled unit could save your belongings in areas with temperature extremes and high humidity. Mold, mildew, and fluctuating temperature damage (shrinking/swelling) are all issues to be aware of.

Pick the right storage facility

Before deciding on a storage company, get the answers to the following questions:

  1. Is the facility close and convenient to your home or business?
  2. Are units available to fit your needs? Some facilities may have waiting lists.
  3. What are the hours of operation? Is there 24-hour access to your unit?
  4. What kind of security is offered? Is someone on premise at all times?
  5. What are the prices? Are there move-in specials, coupons, or long-term rates?

Now that you’ve picked the best storage solution for your needs, you can rest easy. It’s even sweeter knowing that your belongings are safe and secure – without busting the budget.

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