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Did you know that most potential home buyers form an impression within the first 60 seconds of entering a home? Any room, any view, or other home features such as a beautiful mantle may not be seen if you have too many personal items present that can distract the potential buyer. Recent research has highlighted the positive impact a clutter-free listing has on the speed of the home sale as well as the price paid.

Clutter-free houses appeal to more buyers, and competing offers can lead to higher purchase prices.

As a realtor, you know that there are many behind the scenes details that lead to successful home listings. Day in and day out, you must stay on top of your game in order to find new clients, prepare homes for sale and find leads.

One way that realtors can be successful is to partner with a self-storage company to offer a cost-effective way for a homeowner to declutter their house and get it ready to list.
As the realtor, you can suggest using your storage company partner to ensure a quick sale and top selling price by removing clutter. Read on to see how using storage companies for your real estate business can make you money.

The Benefits of Partnering with a Storage Company

You may be wondering just what the benefits of partnering with a storage company are. For starters, you can provide a space for your clients to be able to store clutter that might otherwise take over the listed home. A home will sell faster when it is viewed as spacious. Removing the clutter also allows potential buyers to admire the home features vs being distracted by a bunch of personal items sitting out on top of it.

The problem most homeowners face is having nowhere to put their clutter. By having a relationship with a quality storage company, you can provide the right space to store things as they declutter so that the home appears larger and is more appealing to potential buyers.

Price Break for Clients

When you partner with a storage company, you can set up a special price point for your clients. Tell the storage company that you are going to be bringing them regular business so you want to cut a deal for your clients. Your clients will be willing to use the storage space and you get them a great deal in the process. It’s a win/win situation!

Selling the Home Faster

Most homeowners who are selling their home have an overabundance of personal belongings. A clean and clutter-free home is going to show better and sell faster than one that is overflowing with stuff. By providing your clients with storage space at a great rate, they will be able to create a clean, uncluttered home. In turn, you may be able to sell their home faster as it looks better than it ever did before! Read more about the Benefits of Selling a Clutter-Free Home here.

Providing a Quality Resource

Another plus is that you are providing a great resource for your clients. When you are helpful and provide quality and cost-effective options for your clients, you will earn repeat business. They will also refer you to others which means even more business for your realty company.

The goal as a realtor is to make your clients happy. Providing a cost-effective way to store their belongings and selling their home quickly is going to make each client happy! Offering this service is just one extra way that you can be the best in your business.

Choosing the Right Storage Company to Work With

It is most important to find a quality storage company to work with. Your reputation is on the line so you want to provide a storage option that is reliable, safe and affordable. Look for top-rated storage companies in the local area and surrounding cities. Look for quality services within the storage company such as knowledgeable staff, climate control, and security. These options will further entice your client to use the company for their storage needs.

Many storage companies may return the favor by referring people to you if they have clients that mention they are looking for a new house, they are new to the area, or they are selling their house.
A solid relationship with a quality self-storage facility is a win-win partnership. You help current clients sell their homes more quickly, help to get top dollar offers for their home, and can generate future referrals from your clients and your storage partner.


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