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February 24th, 2017   Category: Storage Tips -

Where do I put my RV?

Do you have an RV? If so, do you use it year-round? You most likely do not use it all year long. RVs are great for traveling on vacation, but many people do not take a year-long vacation trip. Where do you put your RV when you aren’t using it? Or what about your boat? If outside or in the shed is your answer, you may want to think again!

In many circumstances, especially in the south, many people make the decision to leave their boats and RVs out in the weather. This decision may seem so easy and convenient, but, in the long run, is going to cost more money. Money saved for other things, like the weekend on the lake or a getaway.

Why not just store it at your house?

Many cities and counties have codes that restrict homeowners from storing RV’s in the driveway, on the street or next to the home.
While you are away at work or away without your boat or RV it is open to thieves that may want it.

Boat & RV Storage Features to look for

Many storage companies offer features that can help you maintain your boat or recreational vehicle. [expand] Look for these features when you are shopping around storing your boat or RV.


Look for a storage area that is behind a locked gate. Many secure storage facilities make it so you not only need a code to get inside the storage area but one that allows you to leave the storage area. 24-hour video surveillance is another amenity to look for in a storage unit. This security measure usually deters people from doing things they should not be.

Parking Area

Most boat and RV storage facilities offer uncovered and covered storage options. Covered parking is ideal to protect from weather.

Storage Extras

Storage facilities should offer a few extras for your boat or RV. One of the most important would be a charging station. These charging stations help keep your boat and RV batteries charged and ready for your next adventure.

Having a boat or RV is fun. Storing your RV or boat the proper way will protect your investment. Whether you need storage year around or just for the winter months The Attic provides boat and RV storage at an affordable rate.

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