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do i need climate controlled storage
February 11th, 2017   Category: Storage Tips -

Do you ever wonder if your important belongings are really in the best condition in your spare closet or shed? What about in the storage unit with no insulation or air?

It is very easy to run out of room for your belongings. It is one thing just to throw your tools in a shed or pack up some of your old school books and papers into a tub and just throw them in the attic; but what about the new set of furniture you got last Christmas? What about the Nintendo and video games from your childhood? Valuable items that are more important to you deserve to be taken care of. Perhaps a climate-controlled unit is best for you.

With the climate controlled storage, valuable and personal items won’t ruin. The paint on those kitchen chairs that used to be your grandmothers won’t peel from getting too hot. Those video games and movies you have collected since you were little won’t crack from the low temperatures. Climate controlled storage is an excellent way of taking care of what is most important to you.

How do I know if I need climate controlled storage?

With that said, some items are okay for ordinary storage. Things that you just need out of the way or that wouldn’t bother you if something happened to them would be good in a regular shed or unit. As an example, Christmas decorations would be perfectly fine in a regular storage unit. Most Christmas decorations handle variable climates. Also, many times, we all have more decorations that we need or would even use.

The items that you would surely want in climate controlled storage would be anything from technology, clothing, audio equipment, vehicles or vehicle parts, and furniture. For example, for all of those fishermen out there, you wouldn’t want to let a fishing boat or motor sit out in the weather and ruin. Although you can fish whenever you want to, there are times that you will not be using your boat. These types of boats can be pricey, especially when it comes to replacing parts because they have become weathered or haven’t been taken care of directly. Motors can easily get too hot or damaged when they are not in the correct storage condition.

If you are storing items for a short amount of time or money is a factor you may have no choice. Take care in how you pack and store the items to help protect them.

The Answer to the Big Question.

“Do I need climate controlled storage?” There are many ways to find your answer. Do you own anything that can not handle varying weather climates? What about memento’s and valuable items from your childhood that you want in mint condition? Anything electronic or technological? No, you don’t HAVE to have climate controlled storage if you have these items; however, YES you want climate controlled storage to take care of your valuables.

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