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maximize storage space
June 10th, 2019   Category: Storage Tips -

Storage units can be a huge asset when trying to reduce the clutter at your home or your office. When you rent a storage unit, using the space wisely will maximize the number of things you can store as well as make items easily retrievable when needed. Make the most of your storage space with these tips from Attic Self Storage. We serve home and business owners in Tupelo and Saltillo, MS areas.

Organizing Furniture in Storage Units

To maximize storage efficiency, take your furniture apart, placing loose parts in a labeled baggie attached securely to the furniture pieces. Measure larger items before starting to help you plan a rough layout based on the height and width of each item. Stand tall furniture pieces like couches up in corners of your unit (remove legs if possible). Put items you won’t need to access often such as mattresses and box springs at the rear of the space. Stack other pieces along each side, leaving an aisle so you can easily access the back of the storage unit when needed.

Box Things Up Whenever Possible

Boxes allow you to safely stack items to a much higher level. Make sure you use new, sturdy boxes (time to get rid of old, worn ones!), that are similar in size to promote easy stacking. Plastic tubs are an excellent storage box, their clear sides help to quickly identify contents, and their tight lids and identical sizes allow you to stack them to a high level in your unit. When stacking, put the heaviest bins/boxes on the bottom, and add boards between layers for maximum support. Label each container on the side facing the front or aisle using a large, easy to read marker for easy visibility. Adding a complete inventory list under the label is better yet.

Creative Storage Tips

Bins and boxes aren’t the only way to store unneeded supplies and housewares. Here is a list of other storage vehicles that will help you maximize your storage space:
• Open shelves: make sure to put heavier items on the bottom levels.
• Hanging items: If your storage until has smooth walls, use adhesive-backed hooks to hang lightweight items that are hard to box up.
• Dressers and Nightstands that need to be stored can double as storage containers for bedding and clothes items. Be sure to secure drawers with tape before moving them so they don’t fall out while being carried.

Expert Storage Advice

If you are struggling to think of good ways to store your items, talk to the experts at The Attic Self Storage. We have been providing home and business owners with storage for years and can answer your questions and help choose the best storage unit for your needs. Located in North Mississippi towns of Tupelo and Saltillo, our goal is to give you peace of mind by helping you free up space in your home or business. Call today or rent a unit online.

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