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how to choose moving company
January 29th, 2019   Category: Moving Tips -


Moving is exhausting no matter how you look at it. In addition to the stress of buying and selling a house or finding a new rental property, another big decision you need to make is deciding whether or not to hire movers.

One way to take a huge load off your shoulders is to hire movers to do the packing and/or moving for you. If you go this route, it’s critical that you do your homework before hiring movers. Hiring the wrong movers can result in increased stress; lost property, broken or damaged items, and missed timelines.

Follow the tips below to ensure the movers you hire are a top of the line company that will reduce your stress by providing timely, high-quality work.


1. What Insurance Do You Offer? Learn what items the company is liable for if damaged during transit; if your glassware arrives in pieces will they replace it? Is there an extra charge for insurance? Do they offer different insurance packages?

2. Can I See a Copy of Your License? Every legitimate moving company has a license number issued by the US Dept of Transportation. Check their license number and complaint history here (

3. What Deposit is Required? If the moving company requires a large deposit, that is a red flag for fraud risk. Any requirement to pay off the moving contract before the move is complete is another red flag – once they have all your money there is no guarantee that the movers will finish the job.

4. Does the Company Take Inventory Before the Move? This is a sign of a moving company that is careful and thorough.

5. What Extra Fees May be Involved? A good company will provide you with a list of standard charges for extra fees that may be incurred in the move, such as additional cost to bring items up sets of stairs, or carrying items in from the street vs. the driveway.

6. Can I See the Contract? Review any contract carefully before your move so you are clear on what is and is not included in the agreed-upon price. If the contract leaves some areas blank or is not detailed enough, this is a red flag.


Look up the company on The Better Business Bureau. Make sure they have been in business for an established amount of time, and check to see if they have any unresolved complaints against them. Ask the company for at least 3 references.

Call each one and ask them the top 3 favorite and least 3 favorite things about their moving experience.


Read about different insurance packages typically offered by moving companies to ensure you understand exactly what each company you consider is offering and what it covers. offers a good explanation of different insurance options.

At The Attic, we know how tough moving is, and we want to help make your job easier by supporting you through the moving process.

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