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March 10th, 2017   Category: Moving Tips -

Hiring Movers Vs. Do it Yourself

Decisions, Decisions.

One of the hardest decisions that you have to make when you are in the process of moving is whether to hire movers or do it all yourself. This is hard to decide, right? In your head, you are thinking “okay if I do in myself it’s cheaper, but if they do it, it is easier”.
How did I know that? I have been there, done that, and got the t-shirt! It is very difficult to decide what is best to do in this moving situation. We are going to go through some pros and cons of doing it yourself and hiring movers. Maybe this will help you out when you are facing this common situation.

Hiring Movers- Pros.

Hiring a company to move your stuff seems easy right, well, it is! When you hire movers, you get the chance to sit back and relax while they do the work. Think of yourself as a supervisor. You get to watch and tell them where you would like your furniture and things to go, and they move it exactly where you say. This is also helpful if you have any back problems or reasons for why you cannot lift heavy objects. Hiring movers allow you to get the job done without putting a strain on your body.

Do you like to do certain things on your own, while movers do the rest? Hiring movers also allow you to do part of the work yourself. If you have personal items or things that you would rather move own your own and keep in your hands, movers give you the opportunity to do that. This also comes in handy in other instances; for example, I am someone that likes to set up one room at a time so that I can take my time organizing and decorating each space. When you hire movers, you can do part of the work and leave the heavy lifting and major furniture moving to them.

What if something breaks? Most companies, when you hire movers, offer some insurance. This is because your personal belongings are in the hands of someone else. The moving company will take an inventory of your items and apply a replacement value to it. Read through the contract and make sure you are okay with the values and replacement terms before signing.

Hiring Movers- Cons.

Although hiring movers seems easy and the right way to go, there are also some cons to this. When you hire movers, there is always a chance that something may come up missing or broken. This is scary, right? Most of the time you do not know the people that are in your home and moving your items.

Insurance isn’t always offered. Although most companies do offer insurance, there is always that slight chance and those few companies that do not offer insurance, and everything is at your expense. So, say that an expensive mirror gets broken and the moving company did not offer insurance, it’s all on you.

Do It Yourself- Pros.

Do you like to be in charge and take matters into your hands? Well, doing all of the moving yourself is the right thing for you! Doing it yourself saves you a great deal of money. Now you will not have to worry about the expenses for the insurance, trucks, and movers.

Moving on your own also allows you to take your time and move at your pace. Not in a hurry to move all at once? No problem! Since you are doing it yourself, you don’t have to worry about getting it done all in one day. For instance, say you want to move your outdoor equipment one day, then the downstairs, then the upstairs on different days, this is completely your choice.

While you are going through your items, save space at your new place by storing seasonal items that you may not use or need but once a year.

Do It Yourself- Cons.

Moving things yourself may seem worth it, but there are a few downfalls to moving and doing it all on your own. How will you find enough people to help you move? This is a common fault in moving on your own. When you hire movers, you have all of the help right at your fingertips, but without them, who is going to help? Now it is your responsibility to find your helpers.

What if something breaks while you are moving it? The quote “gotchya covered” does not come into effect here. YOU will have to cover the expense of whatever breaks. Also, doing it yourself does not come with insurance or warranty.

A very common problem that pops up and that many people do not think about is their back or health. Movers pick up heavy furniture for you, but when you are moving on your own, you will be picking heavy things up. This could potentially harm your back.

What to do.

As you see, there are so many positive and negative things to both hiring movers and doing it yourself! How will you ever decide? Weighing out the good and the bad, and what fits best for you circumstance is the only way to know what will be beneficial for you. Think about it. Now, what are you going to do, hire movers or do it yourself?

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