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Moving to a new town or even just a new neighborhood can be stressful. When you’re uprooting your family, your pets, and your entire life, you need to have a plan. Everyone will be more relaxed and open to the move if YOU appear calm and in control of the process. Here are five ways to help all of you adjust to and become acquainted with, your new community.

Know Before You Go

Learn as much as you can about your intended location before you move. It’s a great way to start getting comfortable with your future surroundings. Involve your family in researching what your new neighborhood has to offer. Try to find exciting and interesting things for all of you to look forward to once you’re settled in your new home. Learn about the history and anything the new town or surrounding area might be famous for.

Facebook Groups or Social Media

With the extreme connectivity of today’s world, it is easy to find someone who can share information about your new locale. Join groups or forums on Facebook based on the area where you’re moving. You can learn about upcoming events, ask questions, and connect with like-minded people. It is a possibility you can make a few friends before you’ve even started your move.

Housewarming Party

One of the most natural ways to meet your new neighbors is to throw a housewarming party. Once you’ve got the majority of your boxes unpacked and the rooms put in order, plan a casual get-together. Invite your new neighbors, contacts, and anyone else you’d like to become better acquainted with. Don’t forget to invite family, friends, and members of your old circles to your new home as well.

Be a Tourist in Your New Town

Find websites or publications that promote tourism in your new town. You will find event calendars, popular tourist sites, and guides to food and recreation. Contacting the local chamber of commerce or visitor centers will also help you learn what your new area has to offer. Discount books and coupons are often found here for local businesses and attractions.

Turn the task of familiarizing yourselves with your surroundings into a fun adventure. Buy or print out maps (or pick them up from the above chamber or visitor center) and take the kids and the dog out for a walk. When you get home, mark off the places in your neighborhood you’ve located.

Determine the quickest or easiest routes to places such as:

  • schools
  • parks
  • libraries
  • banks
  • hospitals
  • dog parks
  • veterinarian offices
  • grocery stores
  • movie theaters
  • gas stations

Get Involved

Becoming involved in your new community is the quickest way to meet new people and settle into life in a new place. Volunteer your time and skills, take classes, attend community events, and join clubs that interest you. Be sure to involve the kids and let them choose activities and groups they’d like to become a part of as well.

Just Breathe

Remember that none of this happens overnight. It takes time to get your bearings and become comfortable in your new community. Keep in mind that your loved ones will also be feeling the strain of relocating and adjusting. In the chaos that moving can create, don’t forget to schedule time for rest and relaxation. Before you know it, you will be completely settled into your new home and your new town.

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